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Super Savings! Up to 34% off on Vegetables at Think Earth Shop, Page 23. Top brands include Mountain Valley Seed Company, Edmond Fallot, Bohica Pepper Hut, Seed Needs, Rebel Gardens, Out Grow, bluestargarden168, GAIA Sprouter®, Garden Naturals, Seed Kingdom, MushroomMediaOnline, & SeedRanch. Hurry! Limited time offers. Offers valid only while supplies last.

Chives Microgreens Seeds: 1 Lb - Bulk, Non-GMO, Vegetable Garden & Micro Herb Seeds
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 01169, ean: 0740006004168,

4.9 out of 5 stars with 29 reviews
Micro chives have an onion taste that can add color and flavor to any micro salad. They look like tiny scallions. Use in place of onions on a sandwich. Slow grower and more challenging. Better in soil. Notes & Growing Tips: Micro chives are slow to germinate and sprout but are well worth the time and effort, as the flavor is different from most microgreens. Can be grown hydroponically but we recommend soil. Pre-soak for a few hours is optional, but chives will sprout well without a soak. Cover w

Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard Tin Pail - 15.8 oz (12 Pack)
By Edmond Fallot
In Stock

ean: 0732030820999,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews
This classic piquant mustard is beautiful as a major flavor or accompaniment to any meal. Use it on fish, chicken, pork, or in a sauce to brighten and enhance the natural flavors. Fallot Mustard Mill has been an independent, family-owned Burgundy company since 1840. While it has outstanding production facilities, it has also maintained the expertise of the artisan mustard maker: mustard seeds are stone ground, which preserves all of the texture and flavor.Enjoyably taste. Decorative gift present

Lettuce Garden Seeds - Buttercrunch - 5 Lbs - Non-GMO, Heirloom Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens Seed; AKA Butterhead
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 32409, ean: 0740006013566,

4.0 out of 5 stars with 56 reviews
Buttercrunch Lettuce Garden Vegetable Planting Seeds. Lactuca sativa. This plant produces a compact yet loose head with smooth, soft, tenderleaves. Slow to bolt. Excellent flavor and texture.Lettuce Seeds: Butterhead - Buttercrunch - 5 Lbs - Lactuca sativa. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens. Days to Full Maturity: 65 -- Annual -- USDA Hardiness Zone: Annual Crop, Not Intended To Overwinter. Mountain Valley Seed Company Bran

Winter Rye Seeds - 25 Lbs Bulk - Non-GMO Rye Grain Cover Crop Seeds
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 11453, ean: 0740006027983,

4.3 out of 5 stars with 45 reviews
Winter Rye is an excellent winter field cover crop because it rapidly produces a ground cover that holds soil in place against the forces of wind and water. Rye's deep roots help prevent compaction in Annually tilled fields and, because its roots are quite extensive, winter rye also has a positive effect on soil tilth. Winter rye is often paired with a legume, such as vetch or field peas. Planting rate of winter rye is about 55 to 60 lbs of seed per acre.NOTE: Winter Rye Cover Crop is NOT the sa

Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers
By Bohica Pepper Hut
In Stock

ean: 0750253536282,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews
Description: The Carolina Reaper HP22B was awarded the Guinness World Record in November of 2013. With 1.5 million SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) the Carolina Reaper HP22B is the new World's Hottest Pepper The original cross was between two former world record holders, the ghost pepper and a Red Savina Habanero. It is, to date, the world's hottest hybrid pepper. Heat level 1,400,000 - 2,200,000 (SHU)Scoville Heat Units - Extreme heat. Flavor Sweet & Fruity - if you are able to taste it, because of the

Seed Needs, Habanero Seed Collection (5 Individual Packets) Non-GMO
By Seed Needs
In Stock
You Save: 28%

ean: 0682962474268,

4.9 out of 5 stars with 20 reviews
This Habanero Pepper assortment includes 5 of our best selling peppers. It is comprised of red, lemon, orange, white and chocolate as well. The plants grow to a mature height of roughly 24 to 30 inches tall, producing small lantern like fruits. Their size is not relative to their kick however, as Habanero Peppers range anywhere between 250,000 and 300,000 units on the Scoville heat scale. The packets measure 3.25'' by 4.50'' in dimension and come complete with a colorful illustration on the fron

Hummingbird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix - 1 Lb - Wild Flower Seed Mixture: Alyssum, Lemon Mint, Foxglove, More
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 18896, ean: 0740006031720,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 36 reviews
With the addition of our Butterfly and Hummingbird Mix, your lovely flowers will draw in birds and butterflies; revealing to them that your yard is a buffet of sweet nectar! Alyssum, Lemon mint, and Foxglove will delight your winged and two-legged neighbors alike!Hummingbird/Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix - 1 Lb. Non-GMO - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Flower Gardening. Annuals & Perennials. Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand - Premium Quality Seeds.

Mammoth Melting Sugar Pod Snow Pea Garden Seeds - 25 Lbs Bulk - Non-GMO, Heirloom Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens Seeds
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 33709, ean: 0740006017762,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 25 reviews
68 days. Vines are 4.5 feet tall, bearing continuous yields of thick, succulent, 4 to 5 inch pods. Needs support. Approx. 90 seeds/oz.Pea Seeds - Snow - Mammoth Melting Sugar Pod - 25 Lbs - Pisum sativum. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens. Days to Full Maturity: 68 -- Annual -- USDA Hardiness Zone: Annual Crop, Not Intended To Overwinter. Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand - Premium Quality Seeds.

Microgreen Seeds Organic Mix - Microgreens Growing Kit - 7 Non GMO Varieties - Broccoli Raddish Mild Mix Spicy Mix and More
By Rebel Gardens
In Stock

ean: 0853540007202,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 26 reviews
GROW THE REBELLION! If you are tired of the high prices for organic produce, disgusted by what industrial agriculture is doing to the earth, or just want to get more super foods in your diet, this is the seed collection for you! Microgreens are the ultimate in easy to grow vegetables. Grow them indoors, outdoors, in soil, with hydroponics, it all works as long as the seeds have some water and light. This collection was specially curated to be both easy & nutrient packed. These sprouts are go

Pasteurized Straw and Horse Manure Bulk Mushroom Substrate (10 lbs)
By Out Grow
In Stock

mpn: OG1061, ean: 0628586695344,

4.8 out of 5 stars with 60 reviews
This sale is for 2 X five pound bags of 50/50 wheat straw and horse manure based substrate, Out-Grows 50/50 mix. All bags have a 5 micron filter patch and plenty of room for fruiting. This is the perfect mix of our horse manure based substrate and chopped wheat straw. This mushroom substrate will produce great results for all gourmet dung/straw loving fungi species. You will get much larger yields using this 50/50 mix compared to just casing grains. This product is fully pasteurized and ready to

Surinam Cherry (Star Cherry) Tropical Fruit Tree
By bluestargarden168
In Stock
4.2 out of 5 stars with 28 reviews
Cherries are the stars of this tropical-looking Pitangatuba plant. They grow up to 2 inches, and are oblong in shape. Each cherry has deep ribbed indentions which create the shape of a star. They look similar in shape to the sliceable Star-Fruit 'Carambola', however there is no relation. While the radiant colors of the cherries are impressive, so are the beautiful white flowers that cover this shrub. Their flamboyant cluster of white filaments burst from the petal's center like a fire-works disp

Clay GAIA Sprouter - Ivory White - Triplet 14cm dia /Terra Cotta Clay Sprouter/ Nutritious Seed Sprouter / Germinator with Sprouting Guide
By GAIA Sprouter®
In Stock

ean: 5056125500043,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 59 reviews
he GAIA Sprouter® consists of 3 growing trays, base and lid. The growing trays are made of unglazed earthenware that is highly porous and thus is able to breathe = absorb and release moisture to maintain a constant level of humidity. The lid and base are glazed to make them non-porous and easier to clean. Each sprouter is hand-assembled to the best fit and comes with the INSTRUCTION GUIDE and 6 FILTER PAPER DISCS - lining for the GAIA sprouter when sprouting small seeds. The GAIA Sprouter is su

All Natural Wheatgrass by Garden Naturals 25 Lbs 99.99% Germination - Guaranteed to Grow!
By Garden Naturals
In Stock

ean: 0744368227180,

4.3 out of 5 stars with 43 reviews
Garden Naturals All Natural Wheatgrass seeds are guaranteed to grow with a 99.99% germination rate! These seeds come fresh and are sourced locally to insure quality. Whether you are using these seeds for juicing, baking, or food storage you know you are getting the best quality and value for your money. These seeds are made in the USA and clean of any pesticides/herbicides. Try our many bulk sizes for even a better value.All Natural Wheatgrass Seeds for Sprouting, Juicing, Growing, Food Storage,

Non-GMO Alfalfa Seeds - 5 Lbs - High Germination, Conventional Seed - Gardening, Cover Crop, Field Growing, Food Storage & More
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 41715, ean: 0740006040142,

4.6 out of 5 stars with 8 reviews
Non-GMO Alfalfa. Conventional. Suitable for field growing and garden cover crop.Fast growing, conventional field alfafa. Produces high forage and biomass. Great for bees, and offers high nitrogen fixation. Perennial.Alfalfa Seeds - 5 Lb - Medicago sativa. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Gardening, Field Growing, Cover Crop. Days to Full Maturity: 60-70 -- Perennial - USDA Hardiness Zone: 2-9. Mountain Valley Seed Company Brand - Premium Quality Seeds.

Rambo Purple Sprouting Radish Garden Seeds - 1 Lb - Non-GMO, Sprouting, Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens - Raphanus sativus
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 42045, ean: 0740006042252,

4.0 out of 5 stars with 42 reviews
Rambo Purple Radish Seeds. Non-GMO, Raphanus sativus. Perfect radish for microgreens, harvest in 7 to 10 days. Another striking sprouting radish that boast the same wonderful dark cotyledons as Sango. The rosy stems and bright flavor add both a tasty flair and a great look to cold foods.Radish Seeds - Rambo - 1 Lb - Raphanus sativus. Non-GMO - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Vegetable Gardening, Microgreens & Sprouts. Days to Full Maturity: 38 -- Annual -- USDA Hardiness Zone

Lettuce Parris Island Romaine Great Heirloom Vegetable by Seed Kingdom Bulk 5 Lb Seeds
By Seed Kingdom
In Stock
You Save: 34%
4.0 out of 5 stars with 58 reviews
72 Days. Plant a short row every week starting in early spring. Lactuca sativa. Plant produces flavorful dark green heads of lettuce. Leaves are loosely folded on heads. Excellent for salads and garnishes. Excellent for Caesar salads.Lactuca sativa. Days Until Harvest: 72. Heirloom vegetable. Excellent for Caesar salads.

MushroomMediaOnline - 100% Soy Hull Mushroom Pellets (Supplements)
By MushroomMediaOnline
In Stock

ean: 0739472131218,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 57 reviews
The Soybean Hulls provide much needed nutrients to your ideal substrate mix.It is possible to grow mushrooms on many substrates but if you want the best you want soybean hull pellets and oak pellets for the ideal mix. If you are making your own ideal substrate mix you know there are two key ingredients.100% Oak Sawdust and Soybean Hulls.These pellets are easier to handle, move, mix, and measure than loose hulls.They also break down just as the sawdust does from hardwood pellets by just adding mo

Pinto Bean Seeds - 50 Lb Bulk - Also Called Shell Pinto or Shelling Pinto - Non-GMO, Heirloom - Vegetable Garden Seeds
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 30772, ean: 0740006009057,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 53 reviews
Shell Pinto Bean Vegetable Garden Seed. Phaseouslus Vulgaris Pinto beans should be harvested only when the beans and pods are dry, but before pods have split open. Pods can be snapped off branches at the base and beans can be shelled out of the pod for storage. Freeze your pinto bean harvest for several hours to kill any insects. Height - 18 to 24 inches. Spacing - 4 to 5 inches. Spread - 24 to 36 inches. Planting Depth - 1 1/2 inches. These dried beans are beige with brown streaks, but they tur

SeedRanch Turnip Seed Purple Top White Globe - 50 Lb.
By SeedRanch
In Stock
You Save: 22%

ean: 0608887477450,

4.4 out of 5 stars with 18 reviews
The purple top is a variety of turnip (Brassica rapa). Turnips are biennial plants, which means that their life cycle takes two years. However, vegetable gardeners grow turnips as an annual, harvesting the root-like tubers at the end of the first growing season. With purple tops, the part of the tuber that grows below ground is white, while the upper part that sticks out of the ground is purple. The greens, which are also edible, grow from the purple part. Purple tops grow larger than many varie

Mountain Valley Seed Company Jade Bush Bean Seeds - 5 Lb - Non-GMO, Heirloom Green Bean Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seeds
By Mountain Valley Seed Company
In Stock

mpn: 11972, ean: 0740006029024,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 29 reviews
60 days from seed to harvest. This is the original Jade bean now off patent. The Jade green bean features long, round, straight bean seed pods with excellent color and flavor. Holds color through shipping and storage. A strong, upright bush habit holds pods above the ground which reduces curling and tip rot. Ressists: BV, BRV, CTV. Approx. 100 seeds/oz.Bean Seeds - Bush - Jade - 5 Lbs - Phaseolus vulgaris. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. Seeds For: Vegetable Gardeni

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