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Halogen Heaters For The Garden

People always love hanging out in their gardens. It's a wonderful place where the family can hold celebrations, parties and get-togethers. However, garden areas may not always be functional the whole year round. Hanging out in the garden can get awfully uncomfortable during the colder months. But today, it is now possible to enjoy your gardens the whole year round with the help of garden halogen heaters.A halogen patio heater is a small heating system that can warm up areas up to 20 feet in diameter. It creates a warm blanket around certain areas where you and your guests can get-together, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without ever feeling the cold.Patio heaters in general, are designed especially for outdoor use. They can be powered by gas, electricity or even wood. Halogen heaters in particular, are run by electric power. They come in wide varieties of styles and designs to suit your different needs and preferences. And because of this, they have now become an attractive focal point for gardens and patio...


Turning to Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is a chemical free and earth friendly method of gardening. Organic gardening and conventional gardening differ on how they control pests and nourish the soil. Conventional gardening uses chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers while organic gardens use organic means of enriching the soil and organic weed killers and fertilizers. Organic gardens follow natural practices that include:Organic Soil: Quality soil is the main component of creating a successful garden. By providing nourishing natural substances to the soil, you will be well on your way to growing healthy plants and vegetables. For an organic garden, it is essential to add natural additives such as organic compost, manure, chopped leaves, and mulches. Before adding natural compounds, you should do a soil test to determine whether the soil has any mineral deficiencies. To improve the quality of the soil, you can add a number of natural products that are rich in nutrients. Natural additives can include organic compost, fish emul...


Planter Boxes - Planting Made Easy

If planting is your thing, but you have run out of room to do it in your outdoor space, then you're probably feeling a little disappointed. However, there is a really easy to way to satisfy that green thumb of yours, all you have to do is purchase some lovely planter boxes. They provide you with that extra planting space, plus are nice decorative accents. With planter boxes, you can basically plant anything that you want in them since they come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. For example, maybe you just want to plant some smaller flowers, like perennials, then you could go with one that is smaller in size that has a round shape. These would be perfect for placing in the dead spots throughout your outdoor space, like in the corner of your deck or next to a patio door or something. Or, maybe you want to plant some herbs, yet don't have any room in your garden to do it. A wonderful option for you then would be some mid-sized planters, like ones that have a rectangular shape and are about three to fo...


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